Marketing for Acoustic Musicians in Northern California

If it makes a noise, someone can make music from it. And in the beginning, all music was acoustic -- in fact, before electronics, there was no need to use the modifier "acoustic" for music or instruments, was there?

Times have changed of course, and music comes from sources virtual, digital, manufactured AND organic. But there's something special about being able to manipulate instruments made of wire & wood & skin & brass and make wonderful music from them.

Musicians often find themselves at a loss when it comes to marketing their services.  It's hard to keep up with websites, announcements, etc.  Acoustic Futures can help!

We can set up a marketing plan for your band, and make sure your fans are notified about every show, and keep your mailing list current.  We can even send out a quarterly newsletter to your fan base.   If our efforts can bring just 5 extra people to your shows, this service will pay for itself!

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